Tea by the campfire
Coffee break in the wilderness
Own made trekking sweets
Smoked salmon by open fire
Sauteed elk, potatoes and vegetables
Lake Inari under the midnight sun
Laplander's hut in the woods
Cabin nights in the wilderness






When can you expect to see the northern lights? There is no specific time to see them but usually the season starts when we have enough darkness in our nights. Late August and start of September can be the first time to spot the northern lights. Season for the northern lights ends in the mid April because we are going towards summer and nights start to be too bright again. 

How is the climate in Lapland during the winter time? (November until April).

Usually the temperatures are from -0 down to -30 degrees Celsius and anything between that! The coldest month is usually January. The best way to protect yourself from frostnip or frost bite is to wear many layers of winter clothing and wear warm shoes, hat and gloves.

What is the polar night "Kaamos"? (End of November to beginning of January).

The polar night starts in the end of November and lasts until the second week of January. Between this period of time the sun doesn't rise at all above the horizon in Lapland. So it literally means that there are hardly any hours of daylight during that time. Many of the locals find this time relaxing and mysterious in all its colors and shades of blueish and black. You have to experience the polar night yourself in order to get the most out of it.

When is it the best time to visit Lapland? (NOW, OF COURSE WHILE YOU READ THIS).

If you ask me, of course now! You can feel the mysterious combination of cold and mysterious winter Lapland with amazing northern lights. During summer time the midnight sun allows you to stay awake all night long with your sunglasses. Anyway, it's up to you what you want out of your holiday, whether it's cold dark winter or bright Lappish summer. 

What is it like the spring in Lapland? (March until May).

Spring is a beautiful time in here Lapland. The sun is shining and a warmer climate is touching us. Local people find this period of year really nice because you can do lots of outdoor activities like cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and lots of other things. Depending on the snow situation the crust of the snow can carry your weight while you walking on it. Can you believe it?! Also going towards summer time gives us good vibes in general!

What is it like the summer in Lapland? (June until August).

Can you imagine a wearing the sunglasses at 2am in the morning or 11pm  in the evening? This is possible only in the summer because Lapland having a Midnight sun period during this time of the year. Nightless nights and longer days allow us to do lots of summer activities like hiking, cycling, boating and spend the most of the summer in our  holiday cottages.

What is autumn like in Lapland? (late August until October).

Oh yes, all the brilliant fall colors of nature flourish at this time of the year. It is the best hiking time ever! No mosquito's around. Only the silence of the nature who's getting ready for the winter. It is really nice to be a witness to this colorful play with your own eyes.

Tietosuojaseloste / Privacy Policy

Henkilötietojen käsittelyn tarkoitus on asiakasturvallisuus ja asiakassuhteiden hoito. 

 Meaning for customer register is safety and customer relationship management.

Laadittu 14.9.2018 / Drafted 14.9.2018
Rekisterin pitäjä / Register holder
Laplandlife, 2936701-7
Pounulantie 40B
99800 Ivalo
+358 (0)451882222

Yhteyshenkilö / Contact person
Henna Karppinen

Tietosuojavastaava/ Data Protection
Henna Karppinen

Rekisterin nimi / Name of the register
Asiakasrekisteri / Customer Register

Henkilötietojen käsittelyn tarkoitus ja oikeusperuste / Purpose of prosessing and legal basis
EU:n yleisen tietosuoja-asetuksen mukainen oikeusperuste tässä selosteessa kuvatuille rekisterille lakisääteinen velvoite. Potilasrekisterin tietosisältö koskee vain Laplandlife tuottamia hierontapalveluita ja asiakaskuntaa. Henkilötietoja kerätään tiettyä, nimenomaista ja laillista tarkoitusta varten asiakassuhteen sopimusvelvoitteiden täyttämiseksi elämys- ja aktiviteetti-palveluissa. Rekisteriin kerätään tietoja asiakkaiden allekirjoittamista sopimuksista ennen aktiviteettia.

The legal basis of the EU Data Protection Regulation as a statutory obligation for the register described in this brochure. The patient information content of the patient register applies only to the massage services provided by Laplandlife and the customer base. Personal data is collected for a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose for the fulfillment of contractual obligations in experience and activity services. The register collects information about contracts signed by customers before the activity.

Rekisterin tietosisältö / the data content of the register
Potilasrekisteriin kirjattavat tiedot / patient registry
Asiakkaan perustiedot / basic information
Terveystiedot / hoitoon tulon syyt / health information
Asiakkaalle tuotetut palvelut ja niiden ajankohdat / treatments and days given

Kirjattujen tietojen säilytys / patience registry storage
Potilastiedot on säädetty salassa pidettäviksi. Asiakkaan potilastietoja käsittelee ainoastaan Laplandlife henkilöstö hoidon laadun takaamiseksi. Asiakirjat säilytetään lukitussa tilassa.

The patient data is kept confidential. Customer's patient information is handled only by Laplandlife staff to ensure the quality of care. Documents are stored in locked state.

Aktiviteetti-palveluiden asiakirja sisältö/ activity service document contents
tapahtuman/aktiviteetin kuvaus / description of the activity
mitkä asiat ovat asiakkaan vastuulla / rights of the customer
mitkä asiat eivät olet palvelun tuottajan vastuulla / rights of the service provider
asiakkaan allekirjoitus ja nimenselvennys asiakirjan sisällön hyväksymiseksi / approval of the content of the document

Tietojen säännönmukaiset luovutukset / the disclosure of information
Tarkoituksenmukaisia asiakastietoja voidaan luovuttaa ainoastaan laillisiin käyttötarkoituksiin viranomaisille.
Appropriate customer information may only be disclosed to legal authorities for legitimate uses.

Tarkastusoikeus / right of inspection
Rekisteröidyllä on oikeus tarkastaa, mitä häntä koskevia tietoja rekisteriin on kirjattu ja tallennettu.
The registrar has the right to check what information concerning him has been recorded and stored.

Tietojen poistaminen ja säilytysaika / data erasure and storage time
Laplandlife poistaa rekisteristä asiakastiedot ja säilytetyt lomakkeet kun toiminnalle ei ole enään liiketoiminnallista perustetta. Henkilötietoja käsitellään asiakassuhteen voimassaolon ajan lukituissa ja suojatuissa tiedostoissa sekä sen jälkeen tarpeellisen ajan takuu- ja virhevastuiden hoitamiseksi.

Laplandlife removes customer records and retained forms from the register when there is no business ground for doing business. Personal data will be processed for the duration of the customer relationship in locked and secured files, and then after the necessary time to handle the warranty and error liabilities.